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Find the answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions from past Self-Employed clients we have helped.

The Process

If you want to know the process to get the right advice and your mortgage agreed in principle.


Learn More about getting a Self-Employed Mortgage agreed if you only have one years trading history.


Q) Can I get A Mortgage with just 1 Years Accounts?

Although most lenders in the UK Mortgage Market will require at least 2 years trading history and either Signed Accounts or Tax Calcualtions to porve your income, there are a number of lenders that will acept ust 1 Years trading. So if you have been trading for at least 1 Year and have submitted your personal tax return or filled your accounts then you may be able to get a mortgage with just one years proof of income.

Q) What do the lenders want to see for proof of my earnings?

This will depend on whether you are a Sole Trader or Director of Lmited Company. As a sole Trader you will need to submit a Tax return and will need your tax Calculation (SA302) and the accompanying Tax Year Overview. You can download these directly from the HMRC website here or speak with your accountant to obatin them.
If you are a Director of your own Limited Company, the lender will want to see your finalised, signed Compnay accounts.

Q) What Income do the Lenders Take?

If you are a Sole Trader then the lender will take your Net Profit. Thats the income after deducting allowable expenses. This is the part used to determine how much tax you will pay. You you are a Director of a Limited Company then they will usually look at your Directors Salary plus the Dividends Taken. Some lenders may consider your Directors Salary and share of Net Profit

Q) How Much Deposit Will I need?

In the current Market the lenders will want you to have at least a 15% deposit to be considered for a mortgage with just 1 years trading history. This is because a granting a mortgage with just 1 years trading history ill be considered more risky to the lendr as there isnt a long a track record as most wouod want to see (i.e. 2 years)

Q) What are the costs and fee's involved?

When buying or remortgaging a home there will be a number of costs involved. We wouod go through the specicifc costs and charginges individually as they can vary. Usually there will be a valution of surevy cost, payable to the lender although sometimes they may off a FREE valuation. There can be product fees associated with the mortgage payable to the lender. These can usually be added to the loan and sometime the lenders may offer deals with no proeduct fees. There will also be legal costs associated with buying a property and sometimes when you are remortgaging. These cn include searches, stamp duty and conveyancing charges. Al the advice we give is FREE. Once we have your mortgage agreed in rpinciple and you are happy to porceed to full application, we have a charge of £999 payable on application.

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The Process Involved 

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Once we have your documents and details, we can do our research.


We will then present you our recommendations tailored to your specific needs with free mortgage advice. This will include details of rates and any associated fees that may apply

Get Agreed

Once you you are happy with the recommendations, we can submit an agreement in principle to give you the reassurances that all should be approved once we apply for the formal mortgage.

The lender will carry out a credit search and score and issue you a certificate.


When you are ready to proceed we will submit the full mortgage application.


The lender will assess the supporting documentation and make any necessary arrangements for the property valuation/survey.

Once all approved, they will issue you a formal Mortgage Offer

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How to Get A Mortgage with Just 1 Years Accounts

Make sure you have 1 Years Tax Calculation (SA302's) and Tax Year Overview
You will need at least a 15% Deposit if you are buying or 15% Equity for a remortgage
3 Months Business and Personal Bank statements showing your income and outgoings
Proof of identity (A Passport and or Drivers Licence)
Previous work history - It can help if you were in the same line of work before but not neccessary
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Typically we charge a fee of £499 for arranging your mortgage.

However, the actual fee will depend on your circumstances but will not exceed 1.5% of your mortgage.


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